About Us

At She Believes Academy we are dedicated to creating the next generation of Female sports professionals. Students will benefit from being taught by our highly qualified UEFA level coaches. From our coaches, teachers, sponsors to our curriculum team we live and breathe the SBA values.

About Us


She Believes Academy is a fun happy environment created for girls, of all abilities, to express themselves.

Mistakes are there to be made gracefully and we encourage our students to try differently next time, to progress further.

We care about our students and our focus is their career, what drives our coaches is our student’s success. By coming to SBA, you are taking the next step forward in your football career.

Our Coaches

SBA students are taught by our highly qualified UEFA level coaches.

Thanks to experienced coaches young girls will experience input to improve their game, skills, and knowledge. For the older girls, coaching will heavily focus on tactical awareness

Kirsty Linnett

Ex WSL Player

Tony Maisto

Level 2 FA Coach
About Us

Our Values

She Believes Academy has strong values that all staff live by. From our coaches, teachers, and sponsors to our curriculum team, we embody the SBA values:





The Flamingo Ethos

Our ethos and values are represented by the flamingo, which is incorporated within our team badge. After careful consideration, we felt that the flamingo best represented these values:

  • Balance: Balance is key to any successful team. We provide a fun and exciting environment for the girls while ensuring they maintain a professional attitude towards their football and classroom-based work.

  • Endurance and Determination: Flamingos migrate extremely long distances each year, showing us that with grit and determination, you can achieve any desired destination. The flamingo teaches us to never give up and endure difficult times that we sometimes face in life. They set their sights on a destination and work extremely hard to get there.

  • Boldness and Uniqueness: The flamingo is a bird of uniqueness, teaching us that it’s okay to be unusual.

  • Loyal and Family-Oriented: Flamingos are devoted to their families and work in packs. By working in packs and as a team, they teach invaluable life skills that are easily transferred to many working platforms. The main focuses are cooperation, roles and responsibilities, and considering how your actions affect the team. If everyone pulls their weight in the right direction, great things can be achieved not only individually but as a team.